We are a family owned business that began in 2003 in the Chicagoland area.  Over the past 15 years, we have grown this company from being local to the Midwest to serving clients throughout the United States and Internationally.  Our industry leading irrigation injection equipment & the introduction of pHirst TM to the market is what has brought us to the present.  We now have offices and distribution in Ft. Myers, FL, NY which covers the Eastern Seaboard, CO and International distribution in Asia.


Our slogan, “Our Solutions are Your Solution”, pertains to our insight of the “niche” market we have created for our business model and our customers.  We proudly serve the Green Industry which includes ALL Golf Courses, Nursery & Grow Houses, Municipalities, Sports Fields and Commercial Turf entities. We pride ourselves on having absolutely the best service and sales staff within the industry.

Our employees are hired and retained around our business motto and our customers’ needs.  We INVEST in our employees like our customers INVEST in Our Company.  We are in for the long-term and demand nothing less of ourselves.  Whether a simple service call or bringing in a project on TIME and on BUDGET, we are here for you, the CUSTOMER.


No matter if you are small or large, corporate or family owned, we are here to help you with your needs.  We have expanded to bringing products to the market-place that will make your job easier to save money and work along-side Mother Nature.  We pride ourselves in being experts for all of your water needs (starting with your pond or irrigation reservoir, irrigation and injection systems, products to enhance your irrigation system and finishing with managing your Environmental Centers for chemical, equipment and waste-water recycling).

Our wetting agent line was specifically tailored to meet the needs of professionals and exceed all other products on the market.  We have developed biological products for thatch reduction, organic matter displacement and the breakdown of organics in ponds as well.  We will continue to listen to OUR CUSTOMERS and keep bringing these industry leading products to the market, all tailored for YOU and all brought from US.  Please browse our website to see how “Our Solutions are Your Solution” ™

Warren Shafer