Treat All of Your Water Continuously with Our Variable Speed Injection Station
Maintain a Consistent pH Reading No Matter What Your Water Flow Rate

* Proportional with pH monitoring for Water Treatment
* Automatic Probe Cleaning Assembly
* Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Pump Rated 15 GPH
* GS Alloy 20 Injection Lance
* Series 355 pH Controller with Flow Cell and pH Sensor
* Isolation Valves, calibration cylinder, back flow valve, pressure relief valve, sample flow pressure regulator and sample flow solenoid valve
* User Friendly and easy to operate
* Low pH shutoff
* Expandable to add additional pumps for:
– Fertilizers
– Micro Nutrients
– Wetting Agents

The Model 500 is user friendly and makes your operation more economical, potentially saving thousands every year!