I am a grower and have been using your PHirst Solution for almost a decade. When I resigned from a large commercial nursery growing ornamentals to start my own nursery, I knew I could not live without the PHirst Solution. My perennials are the greenest and healthiest perennials around. My customers repetitively tell me that my plants are so green! I am a very small nursery and my time is so limited. With your PHirst Solution, I don’t have to spend what limited time I have fertilizing my plants to keep them green. Growing Solutions PHirst Solution is the best kept secret behind gorgeous plants. If growing plants is
your business, PHirst is a product that you cannot live without!

I cannot thank Growing Solutions enough for being so flexible and helping me to customize my water treatment program for my perennial nursery. I would recommend this product to anyone who grows or sells plants.

Kim Goodwin
President at Garden Treasures Inc.

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