“I’ve worked with Growing Solutions for 6 years. In our business relationship Growing Solutions has always gone above and beyond expectations for products and service. Products and services are constantly changing in our industry. Superintendents along with distributors have to adapt to keep up with an evolving industry. History shows doing the mundane in any industry leads to a lost job or company. “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” a quote from Charles Darwin.

The product line Growing Solutions provides – I believe to be innovative and unmatched. My opinion might be biased, but Growing Solutions SAVED our club $328,000 on a bunker renovation by using Rejuvenate and Rejuvenate Plus to restore bunker drainage. This allowed our club to accomplish other projects including a large Lake Bank Restoration. We bought Koir Logs from Growing Solutions to complete this task. Canyata Golf Club is looking forward to our continued business with Growing Solutions”

Stephen Hope
Golf Course Superintendent at Canyata Golf Club

“Growing solutions’ service is second to none. Their products provide a vast array of choices to suit a Superintendents needs. The sales and service staff are well versed in the needs of their customers and provide professional knowledge. They’re friendly, professional, and genuinely concerned with what our issues are on our golf courses and try to adapt to our growing needs. I would highly recommend Growing Solutions to anyone!!”

Harry Lovero
Golf Course Superintendent at Broken Arrow Golf Club

“I am a grower and have been using your PHirst Solution for almost a decade. When I resigned from a large commercial nursery growing ornamentals to start my own nursery, I knew I could not live without the PHirst Solution. My perennials are the greenest and healthiest perennials around. My customers repetitively tell me that my plants are so green! I am a very small nursery and my time is so limited. With your PHirst Solution, I don’t have to spend what limited time I have fertilizing my plants to keep them green. Growing Solutions PHirst Solution is the best kept secret behind gorgeous plants. If growing plants is your business, PHirst is a product that you cannot live without!

I cannot thank Growing Solutions enough for being so flexible and helping me to customize my water treatment program for my perennial nursery. I would recommend this product to anyone who grows or sells plants.”

Kim Goodwin
President at Garden Treasures Inc.


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