Rejuvenate is made to prevent sand traps from failing and failed sand traps to rejuvenate. Rejuvenate allows better drainage without reconstruction. Rejuvenate enhances the overall appearance and playability of the sand trap. All while reducing labor hours and maintenance costs.

Rejuvenate was designed to perform very much like elements treatments to turf grass that open up pore space in the sand profile thus flushing organic matte through the profile. Rejuvenate Plus is a USDA Certified Microbial product. Rejuvenate will devour the dead organic matter that has flushed to the bottom of the sand trap. Rejuvenate Plus will colonize and consume that organic matter in the sand trap and will work in a similar manner in the drainage system thus rejuvenating your old sand traps.


Rejuvenate Plus
is a liquid blend product consisting of naturally occurring, scientifically selected (but not genetically manipulated) microbes formulated to accelerate decomposition and digestion of dead organic materials and consumption of excess nutrients including ammonium, nitrites, nitrates, urea and fecal matter in golf course bunkers. Rejuvenate Plus is a blend of facultatively anaerobic microbial cultures making this product effective across a wide range of substrates and environmental conditions. The microbes in Rejuvenate Plus are strictly saprophytic and digest only non-living and dead materials.


* The Safest – Reduces risk and liability because it is soft, pliable, stable recycled rubber meaning it reduces potential damage to clubs and protects golfers who may strike the liner.
* The Best Protection – 7,017 inches or 26 gallons per hour lateral flow rate. Holds sand on bunker faces better and keeps it cleaner while protecting the shape and integrity of bunker without regards the to freeze-thaw, mechanical rakes, string trimmers or invasive critters.
* The Most Convenient – No installer “certification” required. Do it yourself installation.
* The Best Warranty – 10 years period!

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