1. Submersible Sump Pump: Wash water, grass clippings, etc. are collected and pumped to the waterfall filter.
2. Settling Tank: Collects water and sediment from the sump pit and separates the water from the sediment so that the water can flow into the bio-reaction tank.
3. Water Fall Filter: Separates grass and water. The water flows into the settling tank while the grass clippings and debris are separated and fall into the grass cart.
4. Grass Cart: Collects grass clippings and debris from the waterfall filter. The grass clippings are dewatered through a specially designed stainless steel screen in the cart that allows the grass cart to be filled with debris without plugging the screen. Water drains back to the sump pit and the grass clippings can be easily transported for disposal.
5. Shallow Sump: Collects water from the grass clippings cart and returns it to the sump for recycling.
6. Automatic Pinch Valve: Automatically controls the flow of water and sediment from the settling tank to the sediment containment container.
7. Sediment Container: Captures the sediment from the settling tank and allows the water to flow back to the sump. Captures the sediment in a sediment containment bag for easy disposal.

Grass Clippings Separator