KROBAR K-PLEX 15-0-3-4

KROBAR provides significant soil conditioning of nutrient optimization, water management AND works to alleviate problematic conditions associated with bicarbonates, sodium, compaction and other soil-water interface inefficiencies. 

General use rate is 1-5 gallons per acre but higher rates can be used if needed. Initial application should be made at 2.0+ GPA, with maintenance applications applied every 2-4 weeks as needed.

ENRICH 8-0-0

Is an excellent product for developing consistent plant color along with increased drought tolerance. It improves the quality of healthy turf yet nurtures stressed and damaged plants for maximum recovery times. This specialized product contains Iron, Manganese, Fulvic Acids, Sea Plant Extracts and a small amount of Surfactant to maximize your summertime management programs.

The perfect product for your tees or other fine turf areas.

Rate: 2-4 oz/1000 ft2


Is our dynamic catch-all micronutrient package that sustains growth without adding to the pressure of increased clipping yield. Just what the Superintendent needs for his or her turf foliar arsenal giving the final touch for season long color by maximizing and balancing key nutrients. We balance Fe, Mg, Mn & S in this product to bring out the best in your turf.

Rate: 2-6 oz/1000 ft2

ENpHORCE 20-0-0

Best product on the market for maintaining large acres of turf such as fairways. A product that hits the trifecta for sustainability, consistency and controlled growth. A must have for your summer spray program that has slow release Nitrogen and Chelated Minors of Fe, Mg and Mn giving you consistent color from month to month.

Rate: 2.5-10 gallon/A


The “Red Bull” of all sprays for your turf. This essential energy drink provides the punch your turf needs from so many different angles of plant nutrition. It provides both soil and foliar health to the turf ecosystem by providing sugars and proteins to support beneficial microbes. These microbes when fed properly, open a host of beneficial processes that help to release nutrients to turf and provide the sustaining factor for healthy soils. Within this bio-based formulation, you receive Molasses, Kelp extracts, minors of Mg, Mn, Fe and Zn along with other plant based proteins that can’t be found in other products.

Rate: 3-6 oz./1000 ft2

STABLE 14-2-14

Our 1:1 ratio for Superintendents that like to optimize and manage their Nitrogen and Potash levels on a consistent basis throughout the growing season. This is a 50% slow release Nitrogen containing Potassium Acetate. Great for fairways and tees.

Rate: 4-14 oz/1000 ft2

TUpH 0-0-29

Potassium is a hard granular product to consistently put down on a timely basis due to weather constraints and limited labor. This is why we developed TUpH so that a turf professional could easily add this product to their soluble spray program.

No more of the heavy waters required to water in granular applications causing unwanted soft conditions or taxing your labor. By spraying TUpH monthly throughout the growing season, you are giving your turf the added strength it needs to combat stress through those difficult periods of drought and high dew points.

Rate: 2-3 oz/1000 ft2

pHITE 0-0-31

Another foliar spray for building strength in your cell walls that help protect against a variety of environmental stresses. Take the test!!! This product will out perform other similar products on the market.

Rate: 2-5 oz/1000 ft/2