Economical Application of Nutrients & Wetting Agents with Monitoring

Speed Up Loading & Eliminate Problems With Difficult-To-Mix Fertilizers & Chemicals

Customizable; Recycles Water, Reduces Waste & Saves Money

Serving Golf Courses, Parks, Municipalities, Nurseries, Commercial, Sports Turf & More

For over 20 years, we have proudly served the Green Industry which includes ALL Golf Courses, Nursery & Grow Houses, Municipalities, Sports Fields and Commercial Turf entities. We pride ourselves on having absolutely the best service and sales staff within the industry.

Welcome to Growing Solutions, Inc.

We are the proud Manufacturer and Distributor of pHirst ™ Water Amendment (Monocarbmide Dihydrogensulfate 15/49 also known as MCDS 15/49). Our unique product is used to treat irrigation water pH and bicarbonate control for hundreds of golf courses and nurseries nationwide. pHirst™ is additionally injected for prevention and control of Zebra Mussels within irrigation lines. Industrial processes that require heat exchanging during operations and the prevention of scaling within tanks and piping are another benefit of using our product.

All of our customers are offered a complete analytical soil and water test. A partnered laboratory and outside consultant are used for an impartial report on the quality of your samples.

Offering 4 solutions to increase availability of water and nutrients in the root zone

Our products and solutions for soil and turf, fairways and large areas needing treatment

Offering Rejuvenate® and Rejuvenate Plus® for healthy sand traps that drain properly 

Thatch Eliminator is a granular blended product freeing soil for healthy growth 

Growing Solutions has three models of injection equipment to sustain turf health 

Energy drinks for the soil and turf, Mg, Mn, Fe & Zn blended with Molasses, Kelp extracts and more

Client Reviews

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

My opinion might be biased, but Growing Solutions SAVED our club $328,000 on a bunker renovation by using Rejuvenate & Rejuvenate Plus to restore bunker drainage, allowing our club to accomplish – More

Stephen Hope

Golf Course Superintendent at Canyata Golf Club

Growing Solutions’ service is second to none. Their products provide a vast array of choices to suit a Superintendent’s needs. The sales and service staff are well versed in the needs of their customers – More

Harry Lovero

Golf Course Superintendent at Broken Arrow Golf Club

I am a very small nursery and my time is so limited. Growing Solutions pHirst Solution is the best kept secret behind gorgeous plants. My perennials are the greenest and healthiest perennials around – More

Kim Goodwn

President at
Garden Treasures Inc.