We all know that correct nutrition is critical for turf health. This is especially true during stressful periods. Calcium is one of the key elements that keeps your turf grass healthy. It serves an important nutrient carrying role within the plant as well as improving soil structure.

Why then do we not see more Calcium in fertility programs?
Calcium improves soil structure in heavy clay soils:

Calcium acts to flocculate clay particles in the soil. Flocculation is the process where smaller clay bits are bound together to create fewer larger particles. This creates more air space within the soil, which in turn means more air and water movement through the root system. Less water on the surface also reduces the development of algae.

Calcium helps plants absorb nutrients:

In Simple terms, calcium’s strong positive charge carries nutrients in both the soil and turf grass tissue. Improved water conductivity means it can deliver more nutrients from the soil solution, and it helps regulate water and nutrient uptake within the plant.

Year after year Superintendents hear the same things from their soil consultants – “You need more calcium,” and yet many Calcium sources take too long to solubilize and require excessive application rates.

Grow-Cal solves these and many other problems. Grow-Cal is a 10% liquid Calcium that is injectable and stays in solution. It is available to the plant immediately. By injecting Grow-Cal you never have to worry about watering it in. Applied through the irrigation system, it alleviates concerns about timing, mixing, labor and playability.

Growing Solutions has three models of injection equipment that are capable of injecting Grow-Cal at the recommended rates. Our Model 550 can be upgraded to inject Grow-Cal.

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