SRS Pond Products

Aquatic Feature Maintenance Kit

SRS Pond Pack

SRS Pond Pack combines three products in one convenient package. SRS Pond Pack was designed to treat one surface acre per month. The package includes SRS Pond Dye Black, Got Muck and Sea Thru in one pack.

First Seasonal application: 2 SRS Pond Pack / acre / month.
Monthly Application Rate: 1 SRS Pond Pack / acre / month.

SRS Pond Dye Black

SRS Pond Dye Black is formulated to provide ponds with a natural image reflection. One single water soluble bag of SRS Pond Dye Black will treat up to one surface acre 4′-6′ deep for several months depending on rainfall and water exchange in your pond. Safe for recreational ponds, aquatic and wildlife.

SRS Pond Dye Black should be used all year to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pond, protect against troublesome UV sunlight and reduce weeds and algae.

Got Muck

Got Muck tabs are a blend of 6 naturally occurring microbes from organic and inorganic sources which consume excess nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates. These microbes digest only non-living materials to restore pond aesthetics without affecting the population of many aquacultures, reducing the need for mechanical dredging or chemical treatment.

Got Muck provides a way to create a healthier environment in ponds without disturbing the natural balance within. Got Muck microbes feed only on dead matter. Fish, invertebrates and plants are invigorated by the enhanced water clarity and ecosystem balance.

Sea Thru

Sea Thru is a natural blend of microbes designed specifically to reduce or eliminate excess waste materials and nutrients in ponds, reservoirs and other confined water features. A glut of organic buildup is typically the result of accumulated landscape waste such as seasonal leaves, petals and berries, cut grass or animal waste and non-point nutrient run-off from adjacent turf or impermeable surfaces.

Decomposition of this debris slows resulting in algal blooms and dieback that depletes the dissolved oxygen levels in the water. Sea Thru microbes feed only on dead matter. Fish, invertebrates and plants are invigorated by the enhanced water clarity and ecosystem balance.

Diffused Aerators

The diffused Aeration System is the perfect solution for your water feature or pond. The newest member to our lineup of diffused aeration products, this size fits perfectly for shallow decorative aquatic environments. With powerful linear compressors, self weighted tubing and efficient diffusers, these complete systems will introduce the life-sustaining oxygen your water and aquatic life needs.

Kasco’s Teich-Aire™ Rocking Piston Compressors are continuous-duty, oil-free, aeration compressors that are a great choice for aerating ponds and other deep water applications. Whether run intermittently or continuously, these rocking piston aeration compressors will deliver reliable and efficient performance day-in and day-out.

Each unit includes a 40 PSI pressure relief valve, vibration mounts, intake air filter assembly, and brass hose fitting for easy implementation into your existing system. Each compressor has a 6 ft. power cord, thermal overload protection, and a ramped internal valve plate that allows for restart under load after power failures. Available in 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 HP, these rocking piston compressors will deliver the performance you need for all your compressor installations.

The NEW Robust-Aire™ Diffuser design uses an easy to assemble, self-weighted, stainless steel base that lands upright every time. The built-in strain relief is infinitely easier to use, with no hardware required, while providing the same holding strength. In addition, custom edge guards are included to u-lined ponds. The updated diffuser heads can easily be integrated into older systems with no issue or difference in performance.